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Block Pivoter Review Documentation

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technical note
Submitted by:
Patrick Lukens
Updated by:
Patrick Lukens
Document Created:
16 Mar 2011, 13:16
Contents Revised:
16 Mar 2011, 13:24
Metadata Revised:
23 Mar 2011, 15:08
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This is a collection of documents used for the Block Pivoter Review on 24 March 2011
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Related Documents:
  • NOVA-doc-113: NOvA Block Pivoter Technical Requirements
    (Approved - 03 Feb 2012)
  • NOVA-doc-2059: BoE for WBS - Block Pivoter Table
    (Approved - 31 Oct 2012)
  • NOVA-doc-2622: Far Detector Pallet Requirements, Fabrication, and Installation Plans
    (Approved - 30 Mar 2012)
  • NOVA-doc-2678: Technical Design Report for CD-2/3a
  • NOVA-doc-4132: The Lifting Lug used in FHEP Pivoting Table Assembly
  • NOVA-doc-3647: A Stress Analysis for a Pivot Table Used in FHEP (Nova)_v1
  • NOVA-doc-4211: A Structural Analysis for the Steel Pallet and Pivoting Table used in FHEP
  • NOVA-doc-5400: Pivoter Table Dunnage Engineering Note (MD-ENG-251)
  • NOVA-doc-3949: FHEP Bookend As-Built Flatness Measurements
  • NOVA-doc-3666: A Stress Analysis for the Upper Arm of the Pivot Table (Nova)_v1
  • NOVA-doc-4217: An Updated Calculation for the Upper Arm used in FHEP
  • NOVA-doc-4416: A Stress Calculation for the Steel Lower Frame used in Nova Pivoter Table Asssembly
  • NOVA-doc-3560: A Stress Analysis for a Steel Bookend used in FHEP (nova)
  • NOVA-doc-3563: FHEP at CDF
  • NOVA-doc-3111: NOvA Block Pivoter Design Review Report, April 2, 2008
  • NOVA-doc-5761: FHEP Block Pivoter Safety Review Record
Associated with Events:
held on 24 Mar 2011 in Wilson Hall, 7th floor crossover
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