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NuMI Off-Axis νe Appearance Experiment

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NewPerspectives 2020: "NOvA in 10 minutes"

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Andrey Sheshukov
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Maury Goodman
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21 Jul 2020, 09:26
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21 Jul 2020, 09:26
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25 Nov 2020, 13:31
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The main goal of the NOvA experiment is to study the neutrino oscillations phenomenon in the muon (anti)neutrino beam. For this purpose NOvA uses large segmented liquid scintillator detectors with similar structure.
Along with the main oscillation analyses, NOvA detectors allow perform additional physics studies, using the dedicated data-driven trigger system, capable of performing a low-latency preselection of the data with various signatures.
An overview of the NOvA experiment is presented, including the description of the oscillation analyses, data-driven triggering system for additional physics goals and supernova detection system.
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