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ICHEP 2018 LDM Poster

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02 Jul 2018, 17:07
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03 Jul 2018, 19:37
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13 Nov 2018, 17:19
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Poster for ICHEP 2018 Conference in Seoul on Lightweight Dark matter.

Lightweight Dark Matter search in a neutrino beam with the NOvA Near Detector

Beyond the Standard Model ideas include lightweight (sub-GeV) Dark Matter candidates. We postulate that they could be produced within the NuMI beam at Fermilab. The NOvA neutrino experiment has recorded ~10e20 protons on target, which correspond to millions of neutrino interaction events in its low-Z, 300-ton, off-axis Near Detector. Among these neutrinos, we search, in a model agnostic way, for EM showers signatures from DM candidates scattering or decaying within the detector. We present here the techniques we use to process these events, involving sophisticated particle ID algorithms. We also discuss the progress in understanding the NOvA sensitivity to them as well as projections for the capabilities and sensitivity of the DUNE Near Detector to these models.

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LDM Dark Matter Ichep poster
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background plot replaced with Simulation, title corrected, abeam cycle time corrected
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