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Latest Results From Searches for Neutral Current Disappearance in NOvA

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Tomas Nosek
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Martin Frank
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09 Apr 2018, 06:08
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11 Apr 2018, 05:29
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18 Apr 2018, 14:29
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Although most of the recent experimental results on neutrino oscillations are consistent with three active neutrino flavors, some of them have shown deviations from standard oscillations (e.g. LSND, MiniBooNE, Gallium experiments) that can be explained by admixture of non-active flavors, i.e. the existence of light sterile neutrinos. NOvA searches for sterile neutrinos mixing with active neutrinos through a reduction in the rate of neutral current interactions over its 810 km long baseline. I will present the latest results on searches for active neutrino disappearance by looking for a deficit of neutral current events at the NOvA Far Detector using 8.85 ×10^20 POT data.
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held on 09 Apr 2018 in Conjectorium WH3E - Wilson Hall 3rd fl East
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