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Technical Design Report for CD-2/3a

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John W. Cooper
Updated by:
Alan A. Wehmann
Document Created:
03 Oct 2007, 21:45
Contents Revised:
09 Oct 2007, 15:00
Metadata Revised:
15 Jun 2009, 13:10
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Other Versions:
This is the October 8, 2007 version of the TDR in WORD files, chapter by chapter.
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Notes and Changes:
v2 relabeled with Chapter numbers.
v2 has new Ch 7 with milestone title changed.
v2 has new Ch 8 with reference added in section
v3 has figure and table numbers in Ch 14 and 15 fixed.
v4 has Ch 18 updated with ANU 3a list.
v5&6 have Ch 6 updated with an overall FoM calculation.
v7 is upload of documents with autonumbering of headers, plus chapter number in page numbers & corresponds to posting for review web page as of 10/8/07. cover page, preface & author list were subsumed into table of contents documentAW

v8 is an upload of corrected versions of chapters 4-6, 10-14, 16-17, "Cover page and Preface, author list & table of contents" & appendix A. AW

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