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Detection of the galactic supernova neutrino signal in NOvA experiment (ICRC2017 proceeding and poster)

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Andrey Sheshukov
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Maury Goodman
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26 Jun 2017, 12:53
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11 Jul 2017, 01:05
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07 Aug 2017, 14:26
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This work describes a data-driven trigger designed to detect neutrino signal from a galactic su-
pernova using the NOvA detectors. Since the NOvA experiment is designed to measure neutrino
oscillations in a $\nu_\mu$; beam with average energy of 2 GeV and has little overburden, detecting interacting 10’s of MeV neutrinos from a supernova requires dedicated data selection and background
reduction. Studying these neutrinos can provide information about the processes affecting the
supernova explosion, probe existing supernova models, and in comparison to other neutrino ex-
periments with different sensitivities, could answer questions about the neutrino properties as the
neutrinos transit both the protoneutron star and the empty space on their way to Earth. We present
the efficiency for detecting the neutrino signal depending on the supernova model and the distance
to the progenitor star.
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