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APS Practice Talk: "NuMI Flux Predictions for NOvA and MINERvA"

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Leonidas Aliaga Soplin
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Maury Goodman
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23 Jan 2017, 07:33
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30 Jan 2017, 18:13
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01 Feb 2017, 09:51
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Abstract for submitted to APS:
The determination of the neutrino flux in any conventional neutrino beam presents a challenge for the current and future short and long baseline neutrino experiments. The uncertainties associated with the production and attenuation of the hadrons in the beamline materials along with those associated with the beam optics have a big effect in the knowledge of the flux. For experiments like MINERvA and NOvA, understanding the flux is crucial since it enters directly into every neutrino-nucleus cross-section measurement. The majority of this work involves predicting the neutrino flux using dedicated hadron production measurements from hadron-nucleus collisions. The predictions at the MINERvA and NOvA near detectors are presented as well as the results of incorporating in-situ MINERvA data that can provide additional constraints. These results have been fully implemented in MINERvA and they are currently use for its cross-section analysis. The implementation for NoVA is underway. The procedure and conclusions of this work will have a big impact on future hadron production experiments and on determining the flux for the upcoming DUNE experiment.
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Fixing Typos. This is the final version of the talk.
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held on 23 Jan 2017 in Dark Side (WH6NW)
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