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Progress towards a muon neutrino inclusive charged current cross section measurement using NOvA's near detector

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Enrique Arrieta-Diaz
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Maury Goodman
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24 Jun 2016, 22:50
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06 Jul 2016, 03:45
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25 Oct 2016, 17:57
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The 300 ton NOvA Near Detector is located underground at Fermilab, 14 mrad off the NuMI beam axis. The detector
is exposed to a narrow band of neutrino energies centered at 2 GeV. The high intensity (4×105
interactions per day)
and 97% purity of the muon-neutrino beam, along with the excellent muon identification capabilities of the NOvA
detectors, allow a doubledifferential muon-neutrino charged-current inclusive cross section measurement useful for
tuning neutrino interaction models used in simulations. This poster summarizes the event selection procedure, as
well as the resolutions and limits of the final-state kinematic variables used towards a double-differential inclusive
cross section measurement on a mostly-carbon target.

Find blessing package here: NOVA-doc-15716-v2

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Final version of the poster presented at the Neutrino 2016 meeting
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