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Exploring Neutrinos Via Oscillations in the Atmosphere, at Reactors, and at Accelerators

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Mark Messier
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Mark Messier
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07 Aug 2015, 12:36
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07 Aug 2015, 16:16
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07 Aug 2015, 16:16
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07 Aug 2015, 12:36
The discovery of neutrino mass in 1998 spawned a world-wide effort to better understand neutrino properties using neutrinos from the Sun, the atmosphere, reactors, and from accelerators. This program of study has taught us much about neutrinos, but many important questions remain: What is the ordering of neutrino masses? What are the symmetries in neutrino mixing? Do neutrinos violate CP? Is there more to be learned beyond the now-standard picture of neutrino oscillations? Precise measurements at the world’s reactors coupled with ambitious long-baseline experiments at accelerators are playing a unique role in answering these questions. In this talk, I will review the current experimental situation with a particular emphasis on the most recent experimental results.
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