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NuMI Off-Axis νe Appearance Experiment

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Numerical Methods used in a Dark Matter search at the NOvA Far Detector

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Eric M Fries
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Maury Goodman
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16 Nov 2014, 14:02
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16 Nov 2014, 14:02
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02 Jan 2015, 18:05
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The NuMI Off-Axis νe Appearance (NOνA) far detector will be used in a search for decay products of weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs) as indirect evidence for the existence of dark matter. Muons passing through the detector are identified, and each muon has a set of hits associated with its track. The muon is assumed to be traveling from within the Earth out into space (an upward-going muon), and based off of this assumption each hit is assigned an expected time (eT). Each hit also has a measured time (mT). To identify if the track is upward-going or downward-going, mT is plotted against eT, and a likelihood ratio is calculated by comparing a linear fit with slope +1 (upward-going) versus a linear fit with slope -1 (downward-going). Cutting at a LLR=2 reduced the background rate of ~100 kHz to the trigger rate of ~5 Hz.
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