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These documents on Reconstruction (subtopic of Computing and Software) are available:
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NOVA-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
46010-v4 Nu 2020 Poster: Improvements and New Applications of Machine Learning Tools for NOvA Ashley Back et al. 3-flavor
25 Nov 2020
46517-v2 NPML 2020: Full Event Reconstruction on NOvA using Instance Segmentation Micah Groh Reconstruction
25 Nov 2020
46545-v1 NPML 2020 - Machine Learning in the NOvA Experiment Thomas Warburton Reconstruction
25 Nov 2020
44917-v3 APS 2020 - Neutrino Energy Estimation in NOvA Bannanje Nitish Nayak Reconstruction
18 May 2020
40306-v3 FastML: NOvA Reco in 10 minutes Thomas Warburton Reconstruction
30 Sep 2019
39469-v2 DPF talk: Electron Neutrino Energy Reconstruction with Convolutional Neural Network Shiqi Yu Reconstruction
Nue Appearance
24 Sep 2019
40459-v2 DESY2019: Overview of Machine Learning on NOvA Micah Groh Reconstruction
24 Sep 2019
40354-v4 Reco & ML in Neutrino Experiments - Particle Identification Using Convolutional Neural Networks in the NOvA Experiment Ryan Murphy Reconstruction
Computing and Software
24 Sep 2019
36951-v2 APS 2019: Neutrino Event Reconstruction with Deep Learning on NOvA Micah Groh et al. Reconstruction
09 Jul 2019
36927-v2 APS 2019 : Event reconstruction at NOvA Bannanje Nitish Nayak Reconstruction
08 Jul 2019
36420-v1 ACAT 2019 poster: Prong Formation in NOvA Reconstruction Pipeline Petr Bour Reconstruction
08 Jul 2019
33749-v1 NNN Poster: Energy Reconstruction in NOvA with Regression Convolutional Neural Networks Pierre Baldi et al. Reconstruction
Nue Appearance
14 Nov 2018
33752-v2 NNN2018: Machine Learning techniques on NOvA Micah Groh Reconstruction
13 Nov 2018
30384-v3 New Perspectives 2018 - NOvA Reconstruction using Deep Learning Micah Groh Reconstruction
12 Nov 2018
24738-v1 NOvA Poster at SoCal Machine Learning Meeting Jianming Bian et al. Reconstruction
26 Jun 2018
29108-v1 Measurement of Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillations and Improvements from Deep Learning Fernanda Psihas Numu Disappearance
Control and Monitoring
Nue Appearance
05 May 2018
28322-v2 APS April Meeting - Neutrino Identification using Convolution Neural Networks in the NOvA Experiment Ryan Murphy Reconstruction
20 Apr 2018
28271-v5 Poster for APS 2018, NOvA Event Reconstruction Techniques Andrew Thomas Cleve Sutton Reconstruction
18 Apr 2018
24642-v2 Understanding neutrino interactions using deep learning Adam Aurisano Reconstruction
29 Nov 2017
22135-v1 Event Reconstruction in the NOvA Experiment : DPF 2017 Biswaranjan Behera Reconstruction
07 Aug 2017
15727-v3 Poster: Charge Current Electron Neutrino Event Identification in the NOvA Detectors Alexander Radovic Reconstruction
Nue Appearance
20 Jul 2016
15725-v3 Event Reconstruction in NOvA Christopher J Backhouse et al. Reconstruction
20 Jul 2016
13107-v4 CHEP reconstruction talk Adam Aurisano et al. Reconstruction
08 Jun 2015
11364-v8 Cosmic Ray Data poster for Neutrino 2014 Jianming Bian et al. Reconstruction
Cosmic Rays
07 Jul 2014
11377-v2 NOvA Reconstruction Poster for Neutrino 2014 Michael Baird Reconstruction
07 Jul 2014
8879-v10 APS talk Evan Niner Reconstruction
10 May 2013

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