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NOVA-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
6617-v1 Cosmic Ray Shielding at NOvA Non-Nova-Author et al. Muons
Far Detector Building
03 May 2017
11785-v1 MOU between The University of Minnesota and Fermilab for Operation of the NOvA Far Detector Laboratory and the NOvA Far Detector Peter Shanahan Operations
Ash River
Far Detector
24 Oct 2014
9083-v1 ODH analysis for NOvA Near Cavern Fire Protection Dave Pushka Safety, Near Detector Underground
Other far sites
Near Detector
02 May 2013
8434-v1 NOvA Ash River Site Block Pivoter Winch Incident 12/6/2012 Eric D McHugh Ash River
Safety, Ash River
11 Jan 2013
7823-v1 QA/QC During the Construction of a Modular Neutrino Detector, NOvA David DeMuth Ash River
03 Aug 2012
4182-v1 Pictures from August 25, 2009 Far Detector Site Visit Gary Feldman Sites and Buildings
26 Aug 2009
4174-v1 The NOvA Experiment Mark Messier NuMI Upgrades
Accelerator Complex
Detector Construction
Sites and Buildings
19 Aug 2009
3712-v2 WBS 2.1 - Building Renderings Steve Dixon et al. Far Detector Building
Ash River
Sites and Buildings
19 May 2009
3771-v1 The NOvA Experiment Mark Messier Physics
Detector Construction
Sites and Buildings
03 May 2009
939-v1 NOvA in the North Open House Mark Messier Ash River
25 May 2006
313-v1 Old NOvA Note 13 - On Siting the Offaxis Detector Stanley Wojcicki Other far sites
13 Aug 2003

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