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These documents on Detector Outfitting/Commissioning and sub-topics are available:
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NOVA-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
8806-v53 Expert "On Call" list of phone numbers Louise Suter et al. Detector Outfitting/Commissioning
ND Operations
Control Room
Far Detector
24 Sep 2015
46659-v3 Muon Radiography with the NOvA Near Detector (ICHEP2020) Peter Filip Near Detector
06 Dec 2020
9670-v3 NOvA Power Distribution System Craig Dukes et al. FD Cables/Cabling
Near Detector
Near Detector
05 May 2018
10123-v1 SURVEY OF THE NOvA DETECTORS AT FERMILAB O'Sheg Oshinowo Conference Writeups
Detector Assembly
Far Detector
22 Oct 2013
9553-v3 NOvA Near Detector Water and Drier System Design Erik A Voirin Near Detector
21 Apr 2015
11580-v2 Talk at J-PARC 2014. Thomas E Coan Physics
Detector Outfitting/Commissioning
30 Jul 2014
11699-v2 FD water leak 2014-07-24 13:45 Arthur Kreymer FD Water Cooling System
25 Jul 2014
11363-v5 Data Quality Poster for Neutrino 2014 Mathew O Muether Detector Outfitting/Commissioning
07 Jul 2014
11340-v1 Poster for Neutrino 2014: ND Assembly and Installation Xuebing Bu Near Detector
Blessed Plots
07 Jul 2014
11168-v1 NOvA Near Detector - Rack Interlock Tests for Water/dryer system Erik A Voirin ND Dry Gas System
ND Water Cooling System
23 Apr 2014
10222-v4 CHEP 2013 Proceedings, The NOvA Far Detector DAQ Jaroslav Zalesak Far Detector
27 Jan 2014
7536-v8 Ash River Detector Area Layout Donald F Friend Detector Outfitting/Commissioning
25 Nov 2013
10032-v3 The NOvA Far Detector Data Acquisition System Jaroslav Zalesak Far Detector
15 Nov 2013
9668-v2 Near Detector Muon Catcher Work Deck Ernest M Villegas Near Detector
Near Detector
21 Aug 2013
9632-v1 Near Detector Cavern Camera Layout Filip Jediny Near Detector
Near Detector
08 Aug 2013
9297-v2 NOvA Experiment: EMG Gary Feldman Physics
Detector Outfitting/Commissioning
Detector Construction
17 Jun 2013
7547-v4 Block Instrumentation Donald F Friend et al. Far Detector
13 May 2013
8914-v2 Proposed Interlock Signal Interrupt Interface between Cooling System PLC and Rack Protection / Interlock Interface Chassis Michael Matulik FD Water Cooling System
FD Dry Gas System
FD Equipment Racks
09 Apr 2013
7008-v5 Nova Optical Fiber Requirements Andrew J Norman et al. Near Detector
30 Jan 2013
7548-v2 Ash River Assembly Area Table/Module Layouts Donald F Friend Far Detector
02 Aug 2012
7542-v1 Michigan State University Fiber Loop Transmission (FLT) QA device Enrique Arrieta-Diaz et al. WBS 2.3 WLS Fiber Designs
WBS 2.3 WLS Fiber Procedures
WLS Fiber
Module Factory Procedures
Far Detector
03 Jun 2012

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