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40803-v1 PPC2019 XIII International Workshop on Interconnections between Particle NOvA results Enrique Arrieta-Diaz Conference Writeups
03 Oct 2019
39984-v3 Results from the NOvA Experiment Jaroslav Zalesak Presentations
Conference Writeups
24 Sep 2019
39046-v2 ICRC 2019 Slow Monopole Proceedings Alexander Antoshkin et al. Magnetic Monopoles
Conference Writeups
21 Aug 2019
34256-v1 NOvA results: CIPANP Kirk Bays Conference Writeups
30 Nov 2018
19631-v4 NOvA Results Stefano Germani Presentations
Conference Writeups
26 Jun 2017
18003-v2 New NOvA results talk for Recontres de Moriond at La Thuile Filip Jediny Numu Disappearance
Nue Appearance
Conference Writeups
Mass Hierarchy
24 Apr 2017
17698-v1 NOvA Results Ryan J Nichol Conference Writeups
24 Apr 2017
5352-v3 NOvA Talk at NuFact 2010 Zelimir Djurcic Presentations
Conference Writeups
15 Jul 2016
14309-v1 The NOvA Experiment - GDR Meeting Talk Joao A B Coelho Conference Writeups
21 Jan 2016
10123-v1 SURVEY OF THE NOvA DETECTORS AT FERMILAB O'Sheg Oshinowo Far Detector
Conference Writeups
Detector Assembly
22 Oct 2013
13673-v3 The Rise of NOvA (INFO15 talk) Joao A B Coelho Conference Writeups
19 Aug 2015
13886-v2 Exploring Neutrinos Via Oscillations in the Atmosphere, at Reactors, and at Accelerators Mark Messier Conference Writeups
07 Aug 2015
11997-v3 Status of NuMI experiments MINOS+ and NOvA - Tau 2014 Joao A B Coelho Conference Writeups
30 Oct 2014
11903-v1 NOvA Neutrino experiment - PANIC status talk Filip Jediny Conference Writeups
25 Aug 2014
11569-v1 Protvino talk - XXX. International Workshop on HEP Filip Jediny Physics
Conference Writeups
09 Jul 2014
9572-v2 NOvA talk at IC-MSQUARE 2013 in Prague Filip Jediny Conference Writeups
15 Nov 2013
8890-v4 numu disappearance APS talk Kirk Bays Numu Disappearance
Conference Writeups
10 Jun 2013
9110-v4 The NuMI Off-axis NuE Appearance Experiment Xinchun Tian Conference Writeups
27 May 2013
8763-v6 Status of NOvA (Neutrino Telescopes 2013) Luke A Corwin Conference Writeups
20 Mar 2013
7576-v1 Talk at the Dark Side of the Universe Conference, Buzios Brazil, June 11-15, 2012 Carl Bromberg Conference Writeups
04 Jan 2013
6247-v6 DPF 2011 talk and proceedings Minerba Betancourt Conference Writeups
02 Nov 2012
6314-v10 NOvA DAQ - DPF talk Xinchun Tian Conference Writeups
02 Nov 2012
6313-v7 DPF 2011 Talk Gavin S Davies Presentations
Conference Writeups
02 Nov 2012
6361-v1 Status of NOvA - TAUP 2011 Brian Rebel Conference Writeups
02 Nov 2012
6496-v2 The NOvA Experiment at Fermilab Athanasios Hatzikoutelis Conference Writeups
02 Nov 2012
6686-v3 NOvA Status at NNN11 Dan Cronin-Hennessy Conference Writeups
02 Nov 2012
3556-v2 Current MINOS Oscillation Results and Status of the NOvA Experiment (TAU08) Kregg E Arms Conference Writeups
02 Nov 2012
6047-v5 Construction of PVC Extrusions for NOvA Near and Far Detectors Sarah R Phan-Budd PVC Extrusions
Conference Writeups
18 Jan 2012
6037-v11 Initial Performance from the NOνA Surface Prototype Detector (TIPP 2011) Mathew O Muether Conference Writeups
09 Jan 2012
5350-v2 Stauts of NOvA Brian Rebel Conference Writeups
19 Feb 2011
4849-v10 The NOvA Detectors Alec T Habig Presentations
Conference Writeups
Detector Construction
07 Feb 2011
5017-v1 Cosmic Ray Capabilities of NOvA Maury Goodman Presentations
Conference Writeups
28 Jul 2010
4865-v1 NOVA Status at Neutrino 2010 conference Ken Heller Conference Writeups
15 Jun 2010
3962-v1 The NOvA Experiment Gary Feldman NuMI Upgrades
Conference Writeups
Design and Construction Phases
Detector Construction
06 Jul 2009
3687-v1 NOvA Update Gary Feldman Nue Appearance
Conference Writeups
06 Apr 2009
3685-v1 The NOvA Experiment Gary Feldman Numu Disappearance
Nue Appearance
CP Violation
Conference Writeups
Mass Hierarchy
Charged Current
06 Apr 2009
3229-v1 ICHEP08: The NOvA Experiment at Fermilab Mark Messier Conference Writeups
20 Mar 2009
3561-v1 Planned Reactor and Maury Goodman Conference Writeups
13 Jan 2009
3541-v1 Long-Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiments in North America Maury Goodman Conference Writeups
12 Dec 2008

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