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NOVA-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
1524-v1 NOvA (A talk at "Neutrino Telescopes", Venice, Mar 6-9, 2007) Karol Lang NuMI Upgrades
Accelerator Complex
Detector Construction
Neutrino Flux
15 Jul 2016
13485-v1 New Perspective talk Kuldeep Kaur Maan Beam Physics
Neutrino Flux
26 Aug 2015
12115-v1 "NOvA Celebration" All Hands Science Summary Mark Messier Operational parameters
PAC & Fermilab
09 Oct 2014
9850-v2 NOvA Talk at WIN13 Denis Perevalov Collaboration
Beam Physics
15 Nov 2013
2653-v17 Lattice and Survey file Repository for the Nova Project David E. Johnson et al. Main Injector Upgrades
Injection line-RR
ANU Configuration Management
Extraction line-RR
Recycler Ring Upgrades
WBS 2.0 ANU Designs
14 Jun 2010
9306-v1 NOvA Technical Scope of Work Gary Feldman Accelerator Complex
Computing and Software
17 Jun 2013
6363-v2 ANU talk from NuFact 2011 Phil Adamson Accelerator Complex
02 Nov 2012
1556-v7 NOvA ANU Parameter List Robert Zwaska Operational parameters
ANU Configuration Management
NOvA Parameters
ANU watch list
ANU Reviews
05 Nov 2011
1531-v1 Magnet and Instrumentation Counts for Nova Recycler Upgrade David E. Johnson Recycler Ring Upgrades
15 Mar 2007
4797-v2 Power Supply Controls Requirement for Nova David E. Johnson et al. Injection line-RR
Extraction line-RR
02 May 2011
5511-v3 Recycler Abort Kickers in the Nova Era David E. Johnson Kickers-RR
25 Apr 2011
5491-v1 Recycler Abort Line Study Presentation Consolato Gattuso et al. Other-Recycler Ring
05 Jan 2011
4761-v1 Regulation Requirements for Nova Vertical Switch Magnet Power Supply David E. Johnson Injection line-RR
12 Jul 2010
1529-v3 Recycler Abort Line with Gap Clearing Kickers for the Nova Project David E. Johnson Other-Recycler Ring
ANU Configuration Management
12 Jul 2010
4930-v2 Optics,Apertures, adn Operations David E. Johnson Injection line-RR
Extraction line-RR
12 Jul 2010
1501-v2 Recycler Injection Line Options for the Nova Project David E. Johnson Injection line-RR
06 Nov 2009
4174-v1 The NOvA Experiment Mark Messier NuMI Upgrades
Accelerator Complex
Detector Construction
Sites and Buildings
19 Aug 2009
1843-v1 Main Injector and Recycler Kicker Apertures for the Nova Project
(Unapproved - Last approved: version 2)
David E. Johnson Kickers-RR
ANU Configuration Management
ANU Reviews
01 Oct 2007
3016-v1 Recycler and Main Injector Injection Line for the Nova Project David E. Johnson Injection line-RR
07 Apr 2008
2396-v4 NOvA/ANU Double Dipole Conceptual Design Vladimir Kashikhin Injection line-RR
03 Dec 2007
2740-v1 ANU Cooling Systems - DOE Presentation Karlton E. Williams Other-Recycler Ring
ANU Project Management
DOE Reviews
RAW systems
Other-Main Injector
Water and RAW Systems
16 Oct 2007
1533-v0 MI30 Lambertson and Kicker Configuration for Injection from the Recycler David E. Johnson Extraction line-RR
Other-Main Injector
15 Mar 2007
1495-v0 Recycler Injection Kicker Configuration in the Nova Era David E. Johnson Kickers-RR
Injection line-RR
09 Mar 2007
1814-v2 ANU Injection and Abort Lines David E. Johnson Other-Recycler Ring
Injection line-RR
19 Mar 2007

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