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Mark Messier of Indiana University is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
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NOVA-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
32404-v9 Code of conduct for the NOvA collaboration Linda Cremonesi et al. Organization and Bylaws
Institutional Board
12 Jun 2019
10658-v165 NOvA Uptime Record Mark Messier et al. Operations
16 Apr 2018
25074-v1 The NOvA Test Beam Program Mark Messier et al. Calibration
31 Jan 2018
14570-v3 NOvA Update for PAC / January 2016 Mark Messier PAC & Fermilab
22 Jan 2016
13073-v5 NOvA Experimental Operations Plan
(Unapproved - No approved version)
Mark Messier et al. Collaboration
08 Sep 2015
13171-v1 NOvA Operational Readiness Review Mark Messier et al. Operations
24 Aug 2015
13886-v2 Exploring Neutrinos Via Oscillations in the Atmosphere, at Reactors, and at Accelerators Mark Messier Conference Writeups
07 Aug 2015
13157-v6 Agenda for the April 2015 Meeting at Fermilab Mark Messier Collaboration
Meeting Agenda
22 Apr 2015
12655-v1 NOvA Update At January 2015 PAC Meeting Mark Messier PAC & Fermilab
25 Jan 2015
12533-v1 Responses to October 2014 operations review Mark Messier PAC & Fermilab
15 Dec 2014
11389-v5 NOvA Status And Prospects Mark Messier Collaboration
21 Oct 2014
12147-v2 NOvA Collaboration Meeting Agenda / October 2014 Mark Messier Collaboration
20 Oct 2014
12115-v1 "NOvA Celebration" All Hands Science Summary Mark Messier Operational parameters
PAC & Fermilab
09 Oct 2014
10628-v1 NOvA Update for PAC Mark Messier Collaboration
21 Jan 2014
9965-v2 Director Briefing Mark Messier Collaboration
01 Oct 2013
9718-v1 First 3D Tracks PR Event Display Mark Messier Official
Cosmic Rays
23 Aug 2013
9345-v4 Agenda for July Collaboration Meeting at ANL Mark Messier Physics
02 Jul 2013
9175-v1 Next Questions In Neutrino Physics Using NOvA and LBNE Mark Messier Physics
23 May 2013
7197-v1 MINOS, NOvA, Fermilab Perspective Mark Messier Physics
21 Mar 2012
6555-v1 The NOvA Experiment Mark Messier Presentations
10 Oct 2011
6475-v1 NOvA Reverse Site Visit Talks Mark Messier Collaboration
15 Sep 2011
6226-v2 The NOvA Experiment Mark Messier Physics
Detector Construction
17 Aug 2011
6098-v2 NOvA Near Detector / FNAL PAC Presentation Mark Messier PAC & Fermilab
22 Jun 2011
5808-v1 NOvA April 2011 Collaboration Meeting Agenda Mark Messier Collaboration
12 Apr 2011
5480-v1 Commissioning of the Near Detector on the Surface Mark Messier et al. Operations
07 Feb 2011
5461-v2 Season's Greetings Mark Messier Collaboration
16 Dec 2010
5257-v2 Tevatron 2014 Impact on the NOvA Experiment Gary Feldman et al. PAC & Fermilab
13 Oct 2010
4784-v1 NOvA Event Display Poster Mark Messier Presentations
25 May 2010
4738-v4 NOvA Outreach Poster Mark Messier Presentations
23 Apr 2010
4258-v1 SciNOvA: A Measurement of Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering in a Narrow-Band Beam Mark Messier Physics
13 Oct 2009
4213-v1 Pictures from FSAP Tour at ANL Mark Messier Detector Construction
18 Sep 2009
4174-v1 The NOvA Experiment Mark Messier NuMI Upgrades
Sites and Buildings
Detector Construction
Accelerator Complex
19 Aug 2009
3820-v4 NOvA Science Update Mark Messier Physics
15 Jun 2009
3771-v1 The NOvA Experiment Mark Messier Sites and Buildings
Detector Construction
03 May 2009
3229-v1 ICHEP08: The NOvA Experiment at Fermilab Mark Messier Conference Writeups
20 Mar 2009
3130-v1 The NOvA Experiment Mark Messier CP Violation
Neutral Current
Mass Hierarchy
Nue Appearance
Numu Disappearance
06 Jun 2008
939-v1 NOvA in the North Open House Mark Messier Ash River
25 May 2006
840-v1 MIPP JobControl Mark Messier Analysis Software
04 May 2006
307-v1 Old NOvA Note 7 - Detector R&D for future Neutrino Experiments with the NuMI Beamline Carl Bromberg et al. CP Violation
Beam Nue
18 Apr 2003

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