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NuMI Off-Axis νe Appearance Experiment

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Peter Shanahan of Fermilab is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
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NOVA-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
10658-v165 NOvA Uptime Record Mark Messier et al. Operations
16 Apr 2018
24834-v2 Neutrino Oscillation Results from NOvA Peter Shanahan Physics
26 Feb 2018
25074-v1 The NOvA Test Beam Program Mark Messier et al. Calibration
31 Jan 2018
14017-v1 Long-Baseline and Atmospheric Neutrino Experiments Peter Shanahan Physics
15 Sep 2015
11785-v1 MOU between The University of Minnesota and Fermilab for Operation of the NOvA Far Detector Laboratory and the NOvA Far Detector Peter Shanahan Ash River
Far Detector
24 Oct 2014
11968-v3 Survey of NOvA Data Quality Tools and Practices Peter Shanahan Control and Monitoring
09 Sep 2014
11437-v3 Users' Meeting 2014 NOvA Talk Peter Shanahan Physics
11 Jun 2014
2332-v1 NOvA DAQ Message Logging Requirements Kurt Biery et al. Online/DAQ
03 Jul 2007
5275-v1 Progress of the NOvA Experiment Peter Shanahan Physics
Detector Construction
23 May 2011
5480-v1 Commissioning of the Near Detector on the Surface Mark Messier et al. Operations
07 Feb 2011
307-v1 Old NOvA Note 7 - Detector R&D for future Neutrino Experiments with the NuMI Beamline Carl Bromberg et al. CP Violation
Beam Nue
18 Apr 2003

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