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NOVA-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
19691-v1 Nu's Room meeting reassignments, Summer 2017 Non-Nova-Author Collaboration
26 May 2017
6617-v1 Cosmic Ray Shielding at NOvA Non-Nova-Author et al. Muons
Far Detector Building
03 May 2017
14237-v1 Tickets and Proxies fo Dummies Non-Nova-Author Software General
23 Oct 2015
13171-v1 NOvA Operational Readiness Review Mark Messier et al. Operations
24 Aug 2015
12339-v1 Final Report: NOvA Operational Readiness Review Non-Nova-Author Collaboration
24 Aug 2015
12231-v1 Collaboration photo Non-Nova-Author Collaboration
24 Oct 2014
10750-v1 Neutrino Oscillations at Work MINOS(+), and NOvA Non-Nova-Author Physics
10 Feb 2014
8440-v1 SoftRelTools Manual Non-Nova-Author Computing and Software
10 Jan 2013
7779-v1 Response to Critique Of Proposed NOVA DBI requirements Robert Hatcher et al. Software General
01 Aug 2012
7705-v1 Proposed NOvA Database Interface Requirements (Based on MINOS, Soudan2 and SNO Experience) Robert Hatcher et al. Software General
26 Jul 2012
6976-v1 MMAE-494-128 Undergraduate design project Non-Nova-Author Water Cooling
13 Jan 2012
3712-v2 WBS 2.1 - Building Renderings Steve Dixon et al. Sites and Buildings
Far Detector Building
Ash River
19 May 2009
3528-v1 Report and Out-Brief from the Second DOE-EIR, August 2008 Non-Nova-Author DOE Reviews
20 Nov 2008
2238-v1 NOvA Collaboration Photograph Non-Nova-Author Collaboration
01 Jun 2007
1302-v1 DOE CD-1 Closeout Report Non-Nova-Author DOE Reviews
11 Dec 2006
839-v1 Fabrizio Furano - A Software Framework for NOvA Non-Nova-Author Analysis Software
22 May 2006
388-v1 Old NOvA Note 88 -Figure of Merit Optimization of the Event Selection Program for Data Analysis in the NOvA Far Detector Non-Nova-Author Analysis Software
22 Aug 2005
277-v1 Physics Overview Non-Nova-Author Theta_13
12 Jan 2004
287-v1 Plans for a proton driver Non-Nova-Author Protons
12 Jan 2004
284-v1 APS workshop on neutrinos Non-Nova-Author CP Violation
Mass Hierarchy
12 Jan 2004
282-v1 Future of Neutrino Program at Fermilab Non-Nova-Author Mass Hierarchy
Nue Appearance
Numu Disappearance
12 Jan 2004
286-v1 Near term plan for upgrades Non-Nova-Author Protons
11 Jan 2004
326-v1 Old NOvA Note 26 - A Neutrino Horn Based on a Solenoid Lens Non-Nova-Author Horns
26 Nov 2003
320-v1 Old NOvA Note 20 - Scintillator Proposal Non-Nova-Author Detector Structure
09 Sep 2003
307-v1 Old NOvA Note 7 - Detector R&D for future Neutrino Experiments with the NuMI Beamline Carl Bromberg et al. CP Violation
Beam Nue
18 Apr 2003
306-v1 Old NOvA Note 6 - Mini-LANNDD T40: A detector to measure the neutrino-argon cross section and the electron neutrino contamination in the off-axis NuMI beams David Cline et al. ND Operations
09 Apr 2003
304-v1 Old NOvA Note 4 - Cryostats for a Liquid Argon "Near Detector" Non-Nova-Author Near Detector
06 Apr 2003
303-v1 Old Nova Note 3 - A LANNDD Feasibility Study Non-Nova-Author Detector Structure
06 Apr 2003
302-v1 Old NOvA Note 2 - A Strategy for Accelerator-Based Neutrino Physics in the USA Non-Nova-Author Beam Nue
06 Apr 2003
301-v1 Old NOvA Note 1 - An Off-Axis Neutrino Beam Non-Nova-Author Beam Nue
06 Apr 2003

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