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Dave Pushka of Fermilab is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
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NOVA-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
10293-v1 Ash River Far Detector North Bookend - ***OBSOLETE*** Dave Pushka Detector Construction
25 Nov 2013
8799-v4 NEAR DETECTOR MODULE VACUUM LIFTER Dave Pushka Near Detector
26 Jul 2013
9083-v1 ODH analysis for NOvA Near Cavern Fire Protection Dave Pushka Safety, Near Detector Underground
Other far sites
Near Detector
02 May 2013
5760-v4 Pivoter Design and Implementation Dave Pushka Detector Assembly
12 Apr 2013
7609-v1 MD-ENG-423 NOvA Block Pivoter Pusher Weldment FEA Dave Pushka FD Block Pivoter
10 Jul 2012
6834-v1 Ash River Pivoter Status Dave Pushka Detector Assembly
14 Dec 2011
6360-v1 Ash River Pivoter Status of Assembly in Wideband Dave Pushka Design and Construction Phases
Detector Construction
19 Aug 2011
3563-v1 FHEP at CDF Dave Pushka Prototype Detectors
FHEP Pivoter
23 Nov 2010
5080-v1 Engineering Note for the IPND Water Cooling System Dave Pushka Near Det. (WBS 2.8) Designs
IPND Designs
Far Det. (WBS 2.9) Designs
NDOS Water Cooling
12 Nov 2010
4875-v2 IPND_in_NDSB_JT file Dave Pushka Near Detector
21 Sep 2010
5079-v2 August 2010 DOE Review Pivoter Breakout Talk Dave Pushka FHEP Designs
Detector Assembly
31 Aug 2010
4948-v1 Summary of Work completed to understand the manifold cracks Dave Pushka Extrusion Modules
14 Jul 2010
4821-v1 IPND COOLING STATUS Dave Pushka Electronics
07 Jun 2010
3084-v1 Pivot Table April 2008 engineering review Dave Pushka Detector Assembly
02 Apr 2008
1299-v1 Comparison between the Test result and FEA Prediction for a 3 Cells _ 7 layers Assembly Ang Lee et al. Detector Assembly
22 Oct 2007

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