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NOvA Ash River Site Block Pivoter Winch Incident 12/6/2012

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Eric D McHugh
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Eric D McHugh
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08 Jan 2013, 15:15
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08 Jan 2013, 15:15
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11 Jan 2013, 13:53
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The NOvA Ash River Pivoter uses two winches wound with wire rope to return the pivoter table back to neutral position after placing a block. During the setting of the fifth block (block 04), the crew deviated from procedure by releasing one winch and placing the load on the other winch. The winches were not designed to take the load by themselves. The wire rope had not been spooled correctly and some slack was left in the crossed up wire cable on the spool. As they were releasing the winch (hand crank)they came to the slackened area, the table lurched a small distance (<1-ft) and snapped the wire cable. A stop work order was place on that portion of the pivoter operation. The ES&H review team reviewed the incident and the upgraded equipment and gave the go ahead to release the stop work order on 1/3/2013. The incident was categorized as a group 10 SC3 ORPS incident, management concern. The collection of documents is contained within this DocDB page.
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