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These documents on Simulations (subtopic of Computing and Software) are available:
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NOVA-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
39358-v2 DPF 2019 poster: Improvements in the NOvA Detector Simulation based on JINR stand measurements Oleg Samoylov et al. APDs
26 Jul 2019
36945-v2 APS2019 Spring Poster: NOvA Light Model Shiqi Yu Simulations
09 Jul 2019
30645-v2 CHEP poster: Cherenkov Light in Liquid Scintillator at the NOvA Experiment: A Cautionary Tale Adam Aurisano Simulations
14 Nov 2018
30705-v3 Current status for simulation chain of the neutrino events in the NOvA experiment Adam Aurisano et al. Simulations
12 Nov 2018
14441-v1 Simulation Tools in Neutrino Experiments Robert Hatcher Simulations
02 Dec 2015
7756-v2 Reweighting Tunning Knobs Nathan Mayer Simulations
28 May 2015
12735-v1 Rock Event Generation and Other GENIE Related Issues Robert Hatcher Simulations
04 Feb 2015
6636-v1 On NOvA Flux-Detector Coordinate Transformations Robert Hatcher Simulations
22 Oct 2014
11169-v3 FLUKA vs NA49/NA61 comparison studies Pedro Mediano et al. Simulations
Near Detector, Surface
16 Sep 2014
7016-v1 FLUGG and SAM Web Luke A Corwin Simulations
08 Aug 2014
11364-v8 Cosmic Ray Data poster for Neutrino 2014 Jianming Bian et al. Simulations
Cosmic Rays
07 Jul 2014
9101-v1 Generating a GDML File from the NuMI Geometry Robert Hatcher Simulations
01 Oct 2013
8494-v1 The Effect of Flux Window Orientation on Beam Spectra Robert Hatcher Simulations
23 Jan 2013
7494-v2 GENIE Validation Using a Simplified Geometry and Flux in the NOvA Framework Robert Hatcher Simulations
31 May 2012
7217-v1 Box cell shapes. Simulation results Alexey Naumov Simulations
26 Mar 2012
6330-v1 Comparison of Electromagnetic Shower Widths in the Vacuum and Air Filled NDOS Detector of NOvA Daniel Pershey Simulations
13 Oct 2011
5387-v3 Implementation, Deployment, and Use of NOvA Target Hall Geometry in FLUGG Luke A Corwin et al. Simulations
04 Apr 2011
5033-v1 SKZP Weighting with Fluk and Beam weights Jeffrey S. Eldred Simulations
Neutrino Flux
30 Jul 2010
4959-v1 SKZP Weighting Jeffrey S. Eldred Simulations
Neutrino Flux
16 Jul 2010
1383-v1 GLOBES Maury Goodman Simulations
08 Feb 2007

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