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These documents on Exotics Analysis (subtopic of Physics) and sub-topics are available:

NOVA-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
21911-v7 Observing Neutrinos from the Next Galactic Supernova with the NOvA Detectors - DPF Poster & Proceeding Justin Vasel Supernova
02 Oct 2017
21623-v2 TeVPA 2017 talk: Astrophysics with the NOvA neutrino experiment Matthew Strait Presentations
07 Aug 2017
21008-v6 Detection of the galactic supernova neutrino signal in NOvA experiment (ICRC2017 proceeding and poster) ,[Entire Collaboration] et al. Supernova
Data-Driven Trigger
07 Aug 2017
21203-v2 ICRC Poster: Seasonal Variation of Multiple Muon Events in MINOS and NOvA Ricardo Gomes et al. Exotics
07 Aug 2017
21827-v3 DPF 2017 Poster: Search for a large muon neutrino magnetic moment in the NOvA Near Detector Biao Wang Exotics
07 Aug 2017
21839-v3 Fast Monopole Trigger DPF talk Enhao Song Magnetic Monopoles
07 Aug 2017
21872-v1 An Indirect Search for Weakly Interacting Massive Particles in the Sun Using Upward-Going Muons in NOvA Cristiana Principato Exotics
07 Aug 2017
20966-v2 Seasonal Variation of Multiple-Muon Events in MINOS and NOvA ,[Entire Collaboration] et al. Exotics
03 Jul 2017
20795-v1 Physics Program of NOvA - Users Meeting Poster Gavin S Davies et al. Cross-sections
Magnetic Monopoles
Short-baseline Osc.
17 Jun 2017
15834-v5 NOvA monopoles search ICHEP Enhao Song Magnetic Monopoles
12 Aug 2016
15794-v4 NOvA ND Lightweight Dark Matter search ICHEP Athanasios Hatzikoutelis et al. Exotics
12 Aug 2016
15724-v1 Numu-electron elastic scattering in the NOvA Near Detector and its applications beyond the SM Biao Wang Cross-sections
22 Jul 2016
15723-v3 Neutrino-2016 poster: "Supernova Neutrino detection in NOvA experiment" Andrey Sheshukov Data-Driven Trigger
20 Jul 2016
14001-v1 First Monopole Search Result Zukai Wang Magnetic Monopoles
Data-Driven Trigger
04 Jul 2016
14983-v1 Detecting galactic SuperNova with NOvA Far Detector Andrey Sheshukov Supernova
Data-Driven Trigger
19 Apr 2016
14012-v2 Electronic Characterization of Long Signals at JINR Martin Frank Magnetic Monopoles
21 Mar 2016
13076-v3 Light Dark Matter in the NOvA Near Detector, a first look at the new data. Athanasios Hatzikoutelis Exotics
25 Aug 2015
13042-v3 UpMu poster for CHEP15 Robert A Mina Data-Driven Trigger
08 Jun 2015
13106-v4 Integration of the Supernova Early Warning System with the NOvA Trigger Alec T Habig et al. Supernova
08 Jun 2015
13130-v6 Cosmic Ray Multi-Muon APS Poster Mehreen Sultana Exotics
08 Jun 2015
12572-v4 Hidden Sector searches with the NOvA Near Detector Athanasios Hatzikoutelis Presentations
08 Jun 2015
12378-v1 Numerical Methods used in a Dark Matter search at the NOvA Far Detector Eric M Fries Exotics
02 Jan 2015
11429-v4 Hidden Sector particle searches at Fermilab's NuMI target Athanasios Hatzikoutelis Exotics
29 Sep 2014
11352-v6 Neutrino 2014 Poster: MM searching Zukai Wang Magnetic Monopoles
07 Jul 2014
9636-v3 NOvA overview talk for DPF 2013 (draft) Jianming Bian Nue Appearance
15 Nov 2013
9097-v4 Poster of User's mtg 2013 Zukai Wang Magnetic Monopoles
24 Jul 2013
8866-v10 Draft APS talk Zukai Wang Magnetic Monopoles
10 May 2013
8805-v4 Search of Magnetic Monopoles with the NOvA Detector Zukai Wang Magnetic Monopoles
25 Mar 2013
7686-v2 Prospective exotic searches with the NOvA detectors Athanasios Hatzikoutelis Presentations
02 Nov 2012

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