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NOVA-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
39780-v1 Predicting the Flux: Models and Simulation for NOvA (Fermilab SIST Final Report) Leonidas Aliaga Soplin et al. Physics
11 Aug 2019
31408-v13 NuFACT2018 Test Beam Poster Andrew Thomas Cleve Sutton Test Beam
04 Dec 2018
30213-v1 Neutrino 2018 poster: neutrino-elactron scattering in nova ND Jianming Bian et al. Neutrino Flux
13 Nov 2018
32209-v1 Measurement of the kaon production normalization in the NuMI target using uncontained charged-current muon neutrino interactions in the NOvA Far Detector Jose Andres Sepulveda-Quiroz Physics
07 Sep 2018
16233-v1 Off-Axis Beam Studies for NOvA Giulia Brunetti et al. Neutrino Flux
24 Aug 2018
25266-v5 Flux Histograms for 2017 Analysis Leonidas Aliaga Soplin et al. Beam
25 Jul 2018
26750-v1 EMPHATIC - RUN 1 Status Jonathan M Paley Neutrino Flux
26 Feb 2018
22049-v1 Poster for DPF for NOvA Target and Horn Configuration Simulations Jyoti Tripathi Neutrino Flux
07 Aug 2017
21890-v4 DPF2017 - talk Measurement of Neutrino-Electron Elastic Scattering at NOvA Near Detector Jianming Bian Neutrino Flux
07 Aug 2017
19658-v3 Increased Neutrino yield with the New NOvA target design: Simulation Study Daisy Kalra Neutrino Flux
26 Jun 2017
16865-v4 APS Practice Talk: "NuMI Flux Predictions for NOvA and MINERvA" Leonidas Aliaga Soplin Beam
01 Feb 2017
15921-v2 NuFact 2016 poster Kuldeep Kaur Maan Physics
Neutrino Flux
22 Sep 2016
15858-v2 Poster for ICHEP 2016 Kuldeep Kaur Maan Physics
Neutrino Flux
12 Aug 2016
15607-v3 New Perspective 2016 talk Kuldeep Kaur Maan Physics
Neutrino Flux
20 Jul 2016
1524-v1 NOvA (A talk at "Neutrino Telescopes", Venice, Mar 6-9, 2007) Karol Lang NuMI Upgrades
Detector Construction
Neutrino Flux
Accelerator Complex
15 Jul 2016
15170-v7 APS talk Kuldeep Kaur Maan Physics
07 Jun 2016
13868-v4 DPF Practice Talk Kuldeep Kaur Maan Neutrino Flux
15 Sep 2015
13485-v1 New Perspective talk Kuldeep Kaur Maan Neutrino Flux
Beam Physics
26 Aug 2015
13141-v5 APS talk Kuldeep Kaur Maan Neutrino Flux
08 Jun 2015
13451-v1 Special Run proposal Giulia Brunetti et al. Neutrino Flux
03 Jun 2015
11169-v3 FLUKA vs NA49/NA61 comparison studies Pedro Mediano et al. Near Detector, Surface
16 Sep 2014
7016-v1 FLUGG and SAM Web Luke A Corwin Simulations
08 Aug 2014
9804-v2 Neutrino Beam At NOvA - Poster at TAUP 2013 Raphael Schroeter Beam
15 Nov 2013
9306-v1 NOvA Technical Scope of Work Gary Feldman Collaboration
Accelerator Complex
Computing and Software
17 Jun 2013
8279-v6 Constraining ν Flux in NOvA Luke A Corwin Neutrino Flux
07 Jan 2013
7674-v1 Inclusive production charged pions in pC collisions: energy dependence of invariant cross section Anatoli Butkevich Beam
05 Dec 2012
4244-v2 NOvA talk for Como 2009 Thomas E Coan Physics
Detector Construction
02 Nov 2012
6017-v1 NDOS Muon Trajectory to Decay Position Jeffrey S. Eldred Neutrino Flux
27 May 2011
5387-v3 Implementation, Deployment, and Use of NOvA Target Hall Geometry in FLUGG Luke A Corwin et al. Simulations
04 Apr 2011
5090-v1 Introduction to NuBeamWeights Jeffrey S. Eldred Neutrino Flux
06 Aug 2010
5033-v1 SKZP Weighting with Fluk and Beam weights Jeffrey S. Eldred Neutrino Flux
30 Jul 2010
4959-v1 SKZP Weighting Jeffrey S. Eldred Neutrino Flux
16 Jul 2010
1252-v1 SNuMI Phase I and Phase II Nancy Grossman Beam
17 Nov 2006
1157-v1 NOvA Beam Requirements Gary Feldman Numu Disappearance
Nue Appearance
16 Oct 2006
287-v1 Plans for a proton driver Non-Nova-Author Protons
12 Jan 2004
286-v1 Near term plan for upgrades Non-Nova-Author Protons
11 Jan 2004
326-v1 Old NOvA Note 26 - A Neutrino Horn Based on a Solenoid Lens Non-Nova-Author Horns
26 Nov 2003
525-v1 Proton intensity plans Doug Michael Protons
25 Apr 2003
570-v1 Neutrino test beam Adam Para Test Beam
24 Jan 2003

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