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These documents on Cross-sections (subtopic of Physics) are available:

NOVA-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
19973-v4 Impact of cross section uncertainties on NOvA oscillation analyses (NuInt 2017) Jeremy Wolcott Cross-sections
Numu Disappearance
Nue Appearance
03 Jan 2018
25119-v12 JETP talk: First measurements of neutrino-induced pi0 cross-sections in NOvA ND Hongyue Duyang et al. Cross-sections
04 Dec 2017
17593-v1 Cross section effects on experimental results – NOvA experience (PINS2017 draft) Christopher J Backhouse Cross-sections
29 Nov 2017
23573-v2 Nufact talk first draft Kirk Bays Cross-sections
30 Oct 2017
21920-v5 Nue CC cross section measurement talk for DPF 2017 Pengfei Ding Cross-sections
07 Aug 2017
22016-v2 DPF-2017Talk: Current Status of NCPi0 Analsyis Daisy Kalra Cross-sections
Neutral Current
07 Aug 2017
21986-v2 DPF talk: Measurement of NC Coherent Pi0 in The NOvA ND Hongyue Duyang Cross-sections
07 Aug 2017
21923-v3 CC pi+- cross section DPF 2017 talk Aristeidis Tsaris Cross-sections
07 Aug 2017
21890-v4 DPF2017 - talk Measurement of Neutrino-Electron Elastic Scattering at NOvA Near Detector Jianming Bian Cross-sections
Neutrino Flux
07 Aug 2017
21962-v3 Status of an Alternative Measurement of the Inclusive Muon Neutrino Charged-current Cross Section in the NOvA Near Detector Biswaranjan Behera Cross-sections
07 Aug 2017
20795-v1 Physics Program of NOvA - Users Meeting Poster Gavin S Davies et al. Cross-sections
Magnetic Monopoles
Short-baseline Osc.
17 Jun 2017
17446-v1 Isospin relations among CC(pion) channels Anthony Mann Cross-sections
01 Mar 2017
16864-v5 APS_2017_Current Status for the Inclusive Neutral Current Pi0 Production cross section measurements with the NOvA Near Detector Daisy Kalra Cross-sections
Neutral Current
01 Feb 2017
16863-v5 APS2017 numu CC Xsec Talk Biswaranjan Behera Cross-sections
01 Feb 2017
15726-v5 Progress towards a muon neutrino inclusive charged current cross section measurement using NOvA's near detector Enrique Arrieta-Diaz Cross-sections
25 Oct 2016
16215-v1 Responses to RHC Task Force ``Taking Stock" Anthony Mann Cross-sections
29 Sep 2016
15953-v2 Recent Cross Section Efforts from NOvA (NuFACT 2016) Jeremy Wolcott Cross-sections
22 Sep 2016
15950-v1 Coherent pi0 measurement in NOvA ND (Nufact 2016 talk) Hongyue Duyang Cross-sections
22 Sep 2016
15873-v2 ICHEP Poster: ND Cross-sections Kuldeep Kaur Maan et al. Cross-sections
12 Aug 2016
15855-v1 ICHEP Poster: NC Coherent Pi0 Meausrement in the NOvA ND Hongyue Duyang Cross-sections
12 Aug 2016
15724-v1 Numu-electron elastic scattering in the NOvA Near Detector and its applications beyond the SM Biao Wang Cross-sections
22 Jul 2016
15611-v2 NOvA ND Physics for CETUP 2016 Mathew O Muether Cross-sections
20 Jul 2016
15641-v3 Measurement of νμ induced neutral current 𝜋0 production cross-section with NOvA Near Detector. Daisy Kalra Cross-sections
20 Jul 2016
15627-v2 User's Meeting Poster on Inclusive numu CC interaction XS measurement Biswaranjan Behera Cross-sections
20 Jul 2016
15608-v3 newperspective_ncpi0 Giulia Brunetti et al. Cross-sections
20 Jul 2016
14491-v1 Miami2015 talk: NOvA ND Physics Hongyue Duyang Cross-sections
21 Jan 2016
13888-v2 NOvA ND Measurements Jonathan M Paley Cross-sections
19 Aug 2015
11885-v2 Talk for NuFACT 2014 - Muon Neutrino Charged Current Cross Section Measurements in NDOS Lisa Goodenough Cross-sections
30 Oct 2014
9359-v1 Study of Quasi-Elastic Scattering in the NOvA Detector Prototype Minerba Betancourt Cross-sections
19 Aug 2014
11366-v1 Non Oscillation Physics at NOvA ND Nathan Mayer Cross-sections
07 Jul 2014
11322-v3 NDOS ccqe results for NuINT2014 Minerba Betancourt et al. Cross-sections
10 Jun 2014
9663-v3 Neutrino Scattering Measurements in the NOvA Experiment Jonathan M Paley Cross-sections
07 Nov 2013
282-v1 Future of Neutrino Program at Fermilab Non-Nova-Author Cross-sections
Numu Disappearance
Nue Appearance
Mass Hierarchy
12 Jan 2004
306-v1 Old NOvA Note 6 - Mini-LANNDD T40: A detector to measure the neutrino-argon cross section and the electron neutrino contamination in the off-axis NuMI beams David Cline et al. Cross-sections
ND Operations
09 Apr 2003

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