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NOVA-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
28322-v2 APS April Meeting - Neutrino Identification using Convolution Neural Networks in the NOvA Experiment Ryan Murphy Reconstruction
20 Apr 2018
28430-v1 APS April Meeting - talk on the Status of the Inclusive Numu CC XSec measurement in the NOvA Near Detector Shih-kai Lin Cross-sections
18 Apr 2018
28316-v2 APS-2018 talk on the current status of the neutral current neutral pion production cross-section with the NOvA near detector Daisy Kalra Cross-sections
18 Apr 2018
28394-v8 APS2018 April: Nue Energy Reconstruction Shiqi Yu Nue Appearance
18 Apr 2018
28295-v3 Latest Results From Searches for Neutral Current Disappearance in NOvA Tomas Nosek Neutral Current
18 Apr 2018
28271-v5 Poster for APS 2018, NOvA Event Reconstruction Techniques Andrew Thomas Cleve Sutton Reconstruction
18 Apr 2018
28514-v1 2018 APS April Meeting NOvA Slow Monopole Talk Martin Frank Presentations
Magnetic Monopoles
18 Apr 2018
28577-v2 Three-Flavor Neutrino Mixing - APS 2018 Alex Sousa CP Violation
Numu Disappearance
Neutral Current
Mass Hierarchy
Nue Appearance
17 Apr 2018
10658-v165 NOvA Uptime Record Mark Messier et al. Operations
16 Apr 2018
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